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Elegibilidad de los programas federales de vivienda para poblaciones recién llegadas

by on June 28, 2024

La matriz de Elegibilidad de los Programas Federales de Vivienda para las Poblaciones de Recién Llegados es un recurso esencial diseñado para ayudar a los proveedores de servicios y a los recién llegados a navegar por las complejidades de la asistencia federal para la vivienda. Esta exhaustiva hoja de cálculo describe claramente qué poblaciones de…

Federal Housing Program Eligibility for Newcomers

by on June 28, 2024

The Federal Housing Program Eligibility for Newcomer Populations matrix is an essential resource designed to help service providers and newcomers navigate the complexities of federal housing assistance. This comprehensive spreadsheet clearly outlines which ORR-eligible newcomer populations qualify for various federal housing programs, providing detailed information on eligibility criteria. Additionally, the matrix includes direct links to…

Confronting Compassion Fatigue: Understanding the Arc of Public Support for Displaced Populations in Turkey, Colombia, and Europe

by on January 12, 2024

“While compassion is extremely powerful, it is also highly vulnerable to fatigue. In the long term, politicians must anticipate the gradual ebbing of solidarity by putting in place sound policies to meet practical community needs amid large-scale migration.” Historic levels of global displacement have put intense pressure on systems designed to protect people fleeing conflict,…