For Refugees
and Other Newcomers

United States Refugee and Humanitarian Parolee Programs

If you are a refugee or other newcomer to the U.S. and are wondering what to expect from the resettlement experience, you can learn more here. This website has many resources — fact sheets, newsletters, toolkits, links to service providers, and success stories from newcomers. If you can’t find answers to any of your questions in the information below, contact us directly.

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Resources for Ukrainians

Refugee Housing Solutions supports the resettlement and integration of Ukrainian newcomers through resource development and technical housing support for resettlement practitioners, community sponsors, landlords and property managers, newcomers, and volunteers across the United States.

Ukraine Response

Reception and Placement Core Services

The reception and placement (R&P) service period is for the first 90 days of a refugee’s time in the United States. The core services provided during this time are focused toward material needs for survival and for supporting clients as they achieve self-sufficiency. Resettlement agencies and affiliates ensure clients continue to receive information and support for their individualized short and long-term goals.

Refugees will receive support from the affiliates through core services of the following:

  • Housing
  • Financial assistance
  • Cultural orientation
  • Application assistance for food, cash, and medical assistance
  • Application assistance for social security cards
  • Filing an AR-11 Change of Address Form
  • Enrollment in English language programs
  • Enrollment in employment services
  • Creation of a service plan for individualized needs
  • School enrollment for children
  • Health screening appointments
  • Additional social service support

Office of Refugee Resettlement Services

RHS also supports newcomers who are eligible for services administered by the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR). ORR provides cash and medical assistance to newcomers, case management services, English language learning, and job readiness and employment services. ORR programs are designed to support better outcomes for refugees as they transition to life in the U.S. and work towards self-sufficiency.

People eligible for ORR services include:

  • Asylees
  • Cuban & Haitian Entrants
  • Refugees
  • Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) Holders
  • Survivors of Torture
  • Victims of Trafficking

You can learn more about ORR services here.