Ukrainian Sponsorship Manual

This manual is a comprehensive guide for folks navigating the sponsorship model with Ukrainian newcomers. It provides insight into welcoming a newcomer, service delivery, cultural orientation, public benefits, best practices, and much more.

Download Manual

 The Ukrainian Sponsorship Manual is a comprehensive guide for private sponsor groups partnering with CWS to welcome Ukrainians through Uniting for Ukraine. Sponsorship is transformational work – both on an individual and community level – and CWS is excited to support you as your provide long-term integration support and a warm welcome to newcomers in your community.

As you begin your sponsorship journey, use this manual to answer questions, learn about best practices, and prepare for the months ahead. The information offered here will supplement your regular meetings with your CWS staff point of contact and will be a touchpoint to reference throughout your sponsorship.

Although this manual is directed toward CWS-partnered sponsor groups, much of the information presented here can still be a useful resource for sponsors who are not affiliated with an organization.

This document has been written by Church World Service (CWS) and is available in English.