Refugee Housing Solutions Partners with Social Impact Technology Start-up Verent Solutions

Verent Solutions is a social impact technology start-up with which Refugee Housing Solutions is partnering to provide refugee housing stakeholders with innovative tools to streamline housing support for resettlement organizations and local governments.

Verent has developed a purpose-built landlord-tenant rent relationship management platform that supports refugee tenant–landlord relationships, including language translation.

The collaboration between Refugee Housing Solutions, a Church World Service initiative, and Verent Solutions seeks to address the challenge of insufficient affordable housing by seizing opportunities at the intersection of affordable housing and refugee resettlement.

Specifically, Verent Solutions’ digital platform Pacto simplifies rental management, especially for refugees and property owners. Pacto is the only fit-for-purpose product that effectively meets the unique needs of refugees, small-scale landlords, and affordable housing organizations.

The primary aim of this partnership is to leverage the unique knowledge, tools, and networks of both partners to develop transformative and scalable approaches to ensure that affordable rental housing is available and accessible to refugees. Both partners recognize that their respective global reach strengthens the possibility of developing a successfully scalable model in the U.S. to increase safe, affordable housing access around the world.

To learn more about the innovations Refugee Housing Solutions and Verent Solutions are partnering to bring to scale, contact Nathalie Bousamra at