Housing Hub & Housing Directory

The Housing Hub

The Housing Hub is an inclusive online platform connecting newcomers, sponsors, and stakeholders with essential housing resources for resettlement. Offering access to educational materials, regional-specific resources, and the Housing Directory comprised of localized housing support services.



Benefits of Participating in the Housing Directory

Active participation in resource gathering for the Housing Directory ensures accurate information for effective service delivery and successful resettlement outcomes. By contributing, you increase resource visibility and simplify access for newcomers, fostering collaboration and partnership among stakeholders to enhance service provision.

Key Benefits of Participating in the Housing Directory

Increased Exposure and Visibility

Contributing to Community Welfare and Integration

Simplified Access to Vital Resources

Demonstrating Commitment to Social Responsibility

Facilitated Collaboration and Partnership

Broadened Outreach and Engagement

The Housing Directory

The Housing Directory serves as a centralized database of location-specific housing support services and resources, connecting refugees and other resettlement stakeholders with vital local housing information. It offers a comprehensive array of information tailored to individual geographic locations, enabling users to access essential services and resources relevant to their specific needs.


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Resource & Service Submission Form

Provide details about an organization or service related to housing support, specifically serving or relevant to newcomer populations. RHS staff will review each submission before posting it on the Housing Directory, ensuring accuracy and relevance for our users.

Submit Housing Resources & Services

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub hosts information tailored to state, regional, and local housing dynamics. Explore housing laws, innovations, and best practices specific to these areas, empowering stakeholders with essential knowledge for informed decision-making and collaboration towards sustainable housing environments.


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